She lost her sight and temporarily lost her hearing. But she did not lose her big heart and inner vision. Come and share an unbelievable true-life tale of healing and determination on April 23 and 24 at Toronto Harbour Front

Vivian Chong

Dancing with the Universe is a dance theatre production co-directed by Vivian Chong and choreographer Kathleen Rea with Tristan Whiston. The spectacular performance is coming up on April 23 and 24 at the Toronto Harbour Front  Centre.

It tells Vivian’s life story of losing her sight due to a rare reaction to ibuprofen and her journey to rediscover herself as a multidisciplinary artist and athlete.

Chong performs in the production alongside an ensemble cast of six dancers and cellist Cheryl Ockrant. Dancing with the Universe is an interdisciplinary journey of human emotions that shines a light on loss, grief and resilience.

Through her sense of humour and by moving towards that which she loves to do, Chong has fully found her voice as a multidisciplinary artist.

Vivian lights up her world

Vivian Chong

Vivian Chong’s first love is drawing. Ever since she could hold a pencil, she drew and, after formal training, eventually worked as a graphic designer, video editor and 3-D animator.

After a rare medical reaction to ibuprofen left her without sight, and with hearing loss, she experienced a creative rebirth and became a medal-winning triathlete, an access-focused yoga instructor, a motivational speaker, a musician, a dancer and performer.

She is part of the Brazilian percussion ensemble Samba Elégua and performs regularly with them in community events in Toronto. In 2016, she created and performed a one-woman show, The Sunglasses Monologue, which has toured in Canada.

In 2021, she collaborated with choreographer Kathleen Rea to create Dancing with the Universe, a dance-theatre production starring Chong and a cast of six dancers and a musician.

She was featured in the documentary A Whole New Light, profiled in CBC Arts, and appears in the children’s book Claire Wants a Boxing Name with her guide dog, Catcher.

Vivian is also well supported by the Canadian National Institute of the Blind – CNIB

Vivian Chong and her Catcher

Vivian Chong and her Catcher

He’s jet black, big and beautiful and captures the center of attention wherever he goes. His name is Catcher, and he’s Vivian’s guide dog.

Chong and Catcher often hike together and have, over the last two years, trekked the entire 275 kilometres of the Oak Ridges Trail through rain and shine.

Get your ticket and catch Vivian Chong on April 23 and 24 as she dances with the universe.


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