Immigrants’ voices and share of mind are set to soar

Africa’s Ayo Owodunni to anchor Canada national radio’s first-ever immigration show

75% of Canada’s population growth comes from immigration and 6 in 10 immigrants are selected for their positive economic impact. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has recognized the importance of this strategic immigrant demographic and has launched its first -ever special radio program for immigrants by an immigrant, Ayo Owodunni.

Ayo Owodunni, an immigrant from Nigeria, West Africa has been handpicked as the columnist on the new Information Radio program with Marcy Markusa, titled “How to Canada.”

Ayo will be sharing his immigrant experience and providing tips on how to grow and be well established in Canada. The program is focused on helping immigrants identify and maximize available opportunities in Canada.

Ayo is a management consultant and diversities expert. He has over 10 years of leadership, broadcasting, and consulting experience in Canada, United States, Kenya, and Nigeria.

He is the Director of Training and Development at Prime Target Consulting and specializes in Culture Transformations, DEI, Leadership Development, and Strategic Planning.

Ayo has a Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology from the University of Waterloo. He is also a NCFE Life Coach

The 7 pillars of immigrant success

The new CBC immigration program will highlight the 7 keys to immigrant success:

  • Financial empowerment
  • Access to game-changing information.
  • Cultural adjustment
  • Education and training
  • Successful job search and work achievement
  • Networking
  • Community and politics

Economic immigrants bring talent, innovation, family members and financial investments to Canada. They also enrich the country’s culture, heritage and diversify. Canada’s  economy  and its future prosperity is largely immigrant driven.

However, millions of newcomers still find it challenging adjusting to the new Canadian life and fail to maximize their potential.


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