Getting a cheap business class ticket with all its charming luxuries could be a few clicks away. 

Most travellers dream of flying business class, but there seemed to be no clear path to making this a reality And finding a cheap business class ticket seems impossible.

Travelling in economy class gets you to your destination, but not with calm splendour. Cramped seats, noisy cabin, long bathroom line up, food served in plastics compared to business class chinaware are just a few of the downsides. Furthermore, you might end up sitting beside a passenger who prefers your shoulder as the pillow.

Elsewhere, in the same airplane, behind the sacred curtains, lies a section known as the “business class.” Here, comfort and luxury take a new meaning.

Why is business class so expensive?

On average, a business class ticket costs three to five times the amount of an economy class ticket. Toronto- Dubai costs less than 2000$ on Emirates or Qatar. For business class, you will need between $5000-$8000. Toronto-Beijing China can be up to $12,000 on business class. How to get a cheap business class ticket then is a great question to ask.

Besides larger peanuts and a flatbed, what else do you get in business class?

  1. Champagne and priority boarding

9 unbelievable ways you can buy a cheap business class ticket

This is one of the best attractions of flying business class. A separate check-in line prioritizes you, and fellow travellers look at you with envy as you whip past the extra-long boarding line up at economy class.

You are seated reading the Wall Street Journal and sipping at your bubbling glass of champagne or freshly squeezed orange juice, all ready to be pampered, while economy class passengers are still lining up to board the flight.

2. All you can carry and all you eat

9 unbelievable ways you can buy a cheap business class ticket

For immigrants and entrepreneurs taking gifts to loved ones back home, the business class gives you 32 kg of luggage instead of 20kg in economy class.

You also don’t have to scramble for the overhead luggage space like your neighbours in the economy class.

When it comes to food, that’s when the opulence of business class becomes more glaring. Exquisite food, fine wines, “Royal Doulton fine bone china,” and a personal attendant are the cornerstones of Business Class.

3. “Luxury down to the last stitch”

Wide-bodied luxury seats and extra-legroom come as standard in business class. It’s the perfect workspace above the ground.

On the redesigned 777 Business Class seat on Emirates and some other airlines, you can lie completely flat on the soft leather fabric and enjoy gourmet meals as you watch over 4,000 channels on your personalized 23-inch HD TV.

4. Upperclass connections

As a first-class or business class passenger, you will often find yourself surrounded by successful business people and can end up making some great connections.

According to Virgin Atlantic, 1 of 5 travellers becomes business partners with someone they have met on board a flight.

How do I get a business class ticket for less?

1. Sign up and pile up air miles

One of the best methods to save money is to participate in loyalty and air mile programs. You can book free flights and also upgrade to business class with these points.

2. Fly at off-peak hours

Business travellers prefer to fly during the week, with Tuesday being the most popular day. You will have a better chance of obtaining a lower business class price if you can be flexible with your dates. Fly during weekends, and avoid peak holiday periods.

3. Last-minute upgrades

Some airlines now offer a discounted upgrade to business class on the day of departure. Before your flight, go to the airline’s app or website’s “Manage My Booking” page to check if you may upgrade to business class for less.

4. Discount offers

Throughout the year, airlines offer discount flight deals. You can get business class tickets at jaw-dropping prices during these discount periods. Sign up for the special alerts and look out for them.

Ethiopian Airlines Country Manager in Canada, Samson Arega, hinted that “we have promotions and business class offers running on our mobile app and website from all our international origins to Toronto.”

5. Auction bids

9 unbelievable ways you can buy a cheap business class ticket

Some airlines like Air Canada, Lufthansa and a few others offer an auction system for their economy customers to bid on business class tickets. You bid with the amount you are prepared to pay to upgrade your ticket to business class.

This helps you get a cheap business class ticket. The secret to this is to use the airlines regularly and become their loyal customer.

6. Make use of a business class travel agency

Airlines frequently lower their tickets to fill Business Class cabins, but they don’t want them posted online since it could anger full-paying passengers.

As a result, they offer cheaper business class tickets and collaborate with certain travel agencies like ASAP Tickets, SkyClub, CheapOair, Luxury Business Travel and Tripbeam to offer them.

7. Avoid popular hubs

An innovative way to cut costs on business class fares when travelling to popular destinations is to fly into nearby cities and then grab a cheaper flight on a commuter airline to complete your trip.

Not only might the business class ticket be cheaper for a lesser-known city, but it will also ensure that the business class seats don’t sell out as fast. For example, instead of flying from New York JFK to London Heathrow, explore flying from Newark, NJ to London Gatwick or even a neighbouring country in Europe.

8. Be flexible

Flexibility is key to grabbing cheap business class flights, especially if your in-flight experience is the priority. Ensure that you are prepared to add a few more days before or after the planned trip to get the best fares on offer.

Mondays should be avoided. That’s a peak day for business travellers, and you can hardly find a business class ticket on that day.

9. Sharpen your sales senses

Like most retailers, many airlines put their best seats on sale at certain times of the year. Keep an eye out for holiday deals, flash sales, and other specials for cheap business class tickets.

Finally, a wish upon the sky

The words “cheap” and “business class” rarely go together. But if you’ve got dreams of lie-flat beds, champagne in the sky and not sharing bathroom facilities with up to 250 other passengers., there is hope,

Now that you know how to get cheap business class tickets, you can conveniently fly for work meetings and appointments or tick it off your bucket list this summer or another season. Attainable Luxury is right around the corner.



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