Find out if you will be in Amazon’s list of 55,000 jobs

You could be working for Amazon

Looking for a job? Amazon might have a job opening for you. On its latest hiring spree, Amazon is set to recruit 55,000 people in Canada and around the globe.

Amazon is holding a unique recruiting event in Canada and USA on Sept. 15, and September 16 for other regions. The job application process is virtual.

The event is designed to support all job seekers, whether they are looking for a new job or hoping to transition to a different career altogether. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in one of more than 20,000 personalized career-coaching sessions with an Amazon recruiter.

The company is also offering thousands of 1-on-1 career-coaching sessions for Amazon employees looking to grow their careers at the company or elsewhere.

The event will bring together world-leading experts—including New York Times best-selling authors David Epstein and Carla Harris—to provide candid advice on how job seekers can start, build, or transition their careers.

How to apply for a job at Amazon

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said “we are working hard every day to be the best place for people to have satisfying and fulfilling long-term careers. Amazon continues to grow quickly and relentlessly invent across many areas, and we’re hoping that Career Day gives both job seekers and current Amazon employees the support they need to learn new skills or reimagine their careers at Amazon or elsewhere.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in coding workshops led by Amazon software development engineers, and attend a “How to Interview at Amazon” breakout session led by two senior recruiters with a combined interviewing experience of over 25 years.

Applicants can visit the Amazon Career Day online portal to register and apply for one of the 55,000 jobs. 

Over 30 million applications in 2020

You could be working for Amazon

Amazon hit a world record in 2020. The company received more than 30 million job applications for various roles, almost double the number from 2019.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, the company hired over 400,000 employees. Of the new employees hired across Amazon’s Operations network, nearly 30,000 joined Amazon from the manufacturing sector, another 19,000 from traditional retail, and 16,500 from education and healthcare, among others.

Is Amazon going into clothing retail?

The roles Amazon is seeking to fill on the latest recruitment drive also include positions in its Alexa smart-speaker division and in physical retail as the company plans to open department stores to sell clothing and other products.

The hiring spree will be the first under new Chief Executive Andy Jassy, who took over the top job in July from company founder Jeff Bezos.

The other side of Amazon 

You could be working for Amazon

Amazon’s model for managing people has come under severe criticism in recent years. The system is heavily reliant on metrics, apps, and chatbots. The system tracks every minute of most warehouse workers’ shifts, from how fast they packed merchandise to how long they paused. At the end of the day, some low-wage workers feel used and burnt out.

An Amazon staff member in one of the US fulfillment centers told Time that “we sometimes feel like robots, not humans. The scanning  gun I used for my job was also my personal digital manager. Every single activity I did was monitored and timed. After I completed a task, the scan gun not only immediately gave me a new one but also started counting down the seconds I had left to do it.”


Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos himself admitted that the company still has some improvements to make. “We have always wanted to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Now we are going to be Earth’s best employer and Earth’s safest place to work.”

Will Amazon deliver on that promise to its workers as fast as it delivers profits to the shareholders? Time will tell.



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