Another season of promises has come 

Will Canada get a new Prime Minister in September elections?

On September 20, Canadians will get a chance to re-elect Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister or choose a new post-Covid leader. The sudden election event is coming as a surprise to many Canadians, especially newcomers.

With voting day scheduled for Sept. 20, the campaign will be less than 36 days, the shortest possible election period under federal law. In this short period, Canadians will be weighing the pitches and promises to determine who they feel will best run the country.

Who are the candidates and what are they promising?

TRUDEAU- Liberal Party

Will Canada get a new Prime Minister in September elections?

Trudeau had fired the first election shot, declaring that: “The decisions your government makes right now will define the future your kids and grandkids grow up in. So in this pivotal, consequential moment, who wouldn’t want a say? Who wouldn’t want their chance to help decide where our country goes from here?

“Canadians need to choose how we finish the fight against COVID-19 and build back better. Canadians deserve their say, and that’s exactly what we are going to give them. I know that we have the right plan, the right team, and the proven leadership to meet this moment,”

O’TOOLE – Conservatives

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole disagrees with Trudeau and threw a challenge to the Liberals. O’Toole said Canadians shouldn’t have to risk the gains they’ve made over the last year and a half for “political games.”

He cautioned: “I hope that Justin Trudeau’s decision doesn’t cost Canadians too dearly. My wife Rebecca and I had COVID-19, we know the fears and uncertainties that are out there. But let’s be clear, this election is not about next week, next month, or even next year, it’s about the next four years.”

“I’m going to be presenting Canada’s recovery plan. I have a track record of bringing people together from my time in the military, my time in the private sector as a volunteer. I’m in this for my children and your children.”

BLANCHET – Bloc Québécois

Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet swept off the claims of both candidates and sharply criticized the whole process.

He pointed out that: “Until recently, the prime minister was swearing that everything he was doing was not with the perspective of an election and that his only objective was to protect the health of Canadians.

“He’s suddenly realized in August, two months after Parliament was in a recess that suddenly it’s dysfunctional.”


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh started his campaign in Montreal and also had sharp words for the Prime Minister as well as the ultra-rich.

He remarked that: “We are the only party saying very clearly that there’s a third option, which is to make the ultra-rich pay their fair share…and invest that into health care and to housing and justice for Indigenous people.

“Trudeau is calling the election because he wants a majority, but why does he want a majority? It’s certainly not because he wants to help more people, or help people more, it’s only because he wants to help people less and people end up paying the price.”

PAUL the lady- Green Party

Green Party Leader, only female candidate Denali Annamie Paul has a different approach.

She said: “I am approaching this election with hope, with humility and a great deal of honesty and honour. I extend the same invitation to all Canadians.

“To every person that is ready to be daring, to every person that is ready to strike out in that new direction toward a better future, I say welcome. I say ‘now is the time.”

Which party has the most seats in the House?

Heading into the campaign, here’s the current seat breakdown in the House of Commons:

  • Liberal: 155
  • Conservative: 119
  • Bloc Québécois: 32
  • NDP: 24
  • Independent: 5
  • Green Party: 2
  • Vacant: 1

Total: 338

A party needs to win 170 seats for a majority government.

What to expect

Child care costs reduction?

Annual child care costs in Toronto are the country’s highest, topping $21,000, Trudeau is already hinting of a major review downwards. Other candidates are likely to make similar spruces.

Parents can keep an eye open for a much-needed child care relief.

Women in power

More women are likely to be appointed in Government. Almost all the candidates have

Trudeau clean shave


The beard has suddenly gone and a smooth face is back.  What has this got to do with an election? Perhaps more than what you think.

Higher immigration numbers

Canada has an annual projection of over 300,000 new immigrants. All the candidates are in favor, but some are less than the others.

Who will you vote for on September 20?

It’s your voice and yours to decide who to vote for at the Canadian elections coming son. For now, sit back, relax and enjoy the new season of promises. And it’s not showing on Netflix.




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