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What and how to pack for a conference or business trip

Getting ready for a business trip or conference can often be a mixture of excitement and anxiety. You are not always sure of how the event will turn out and what new connections will make. There are many big conferences coming up this year such as the 2021 Content Marketing World Conference, with over 225 speakers being expected.

Wherever your business takes you, packing for the trip is your first step. Even in our highly digitalized world, there are some physical items you can’t do without. Here are 21 things to take with you for your next conference or business trip.

Business travel checklist

What and how to pack for a conference or business trip

1. Business clothes – It doesn’t have to be a tuxedo or fancy suit, but appropriate business clothing will do.

2. Sweater – It can get chilly in most conference halls. Always best to be prepared!

3. Athletic Clothes – you might want to go to the gym, walk or jog.

4. Comfortable Shoes – It’s a large conference center, might as well be comfortable!

5. Sunglasses – the sun is often never too far away.

6. Electronics – Beside your laptop or tablet and phones, do also remember: Power cords, chargers, international converter, headphones, and portable charger.

7. Bag – We’re not talking the bag you’re packing to travel with, we’re referring to the bag you will be carrying everyday around the conference center. keep it comfortable.

8. Notebook – Technology is great, but a notebook never fails.

9. Pens – Yes, plural. Nothing worse than having one malfunction mid-session.

10. Business Cards.

11. Vaccination card or proof of negative COVID test.

12. Face mask – While masks are currently not mandatory in Cleveland and some other conference locations, you are better off having a bunch with you.

13. Hand sanitizer – It will never go out of fashion!

14. Books for speakers to sign (or purchase them at on-site bookstores)

15. Reusable water bottle

16. Chapstick – Convention centers are sometimes notoriously dry.

17. Vitamins and anything else needed daily – Keep in your bag/backpack rather than your suitcase, that way if you forget in the morning, you don’t need to rush back to your hotel room.

18. Breath mints

19. Umbrella (hopefully you won’t need it)

20. Personal toiletries

21. Snacks- You might need a granola bar or other healthy snack in between meals.


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