Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs step aside for Vaccine “Winning Shot” at Scotiabank Arena.

Vaccine Day world record in Toronto: What you can now do after vaccination

Toronto Raptors did not make the NBA playoffs this year. But Canadians scored a winning shot at the Scotiabank Arena by setting a new world record with the highest number of vaccinations in a single day.

Canadians also now know what they can do and not do after the first and second dose.

26,771 people were vaccinated on Sunday, June 27, at the Toronto Vaccine Day “Our Winning Shot” mega clinic at the Scotiabank Arena. The battle against COVID-19 got a major boost and the goal of getting all Toronto residents vaccinated is closer to reality.

The previous Canadian record was 10,470 vaccinations given at a single clinic in one day. The North American record was 17,003 doses. This mark was surpassed by 5.40 p.m, and the rest was history.

Mayor John Tory who also received his second dose at “Our Winning Shot” clinic quickly acknowledged that while a world record is something to celebrate the real prize is the protection that people and their families, and communities now have against COVID-19.

The “Our Winning Shot” clinic was made possible through a partnership between the City, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), Scotiabank, University Health Network, Michael Garron Hospital, 1,500 staff members, and volunteers.

Sarah Downey, President and CEO, Michael Garron Hospital noted that “throughout this pandemic, those working on the frontlines have worked tirelessly to care for and protect our communities from a virus that has tested our strength and resilience. Today’s milestone marks a bright light and we are one step closer to the lives we knew before this pandemic.”

Vaccine Day world record in Toronto: What you can now do after vaccination

“Stunning is the only word to describe Toronto Vaccine Day. To vaccinate 25,000 people, set a world record, and work so effectively with many partners is a demonstration of cooperation and support for the citizens of this city,” said Kevin Smith, President and CEO, University Health Network (UHN)

Canada Health has however cautioned that though COVID-19 cases are dropping, the Delta variant is the “latest hurdle” to the country’s fight in the pandemic, and a fourth wave could cause hospital capacity to be exceeded if it takes hold throughout the fall and winter.

Federal health data shows most of the cases are found in people who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 or only have one shot.  Canada Health  has also released guidelines on what you can do and cannot do after getting your first and second dose.

Vaccine Day world record in Toronto: What you can now do after vaccination

What you can do if fully vaccinated 

  • Attend small outdoor gatherings, like meetings, religious gatherings and family BBQ. Physical distance or wearing a mask is not essential.
  • Go watch hockey or sports, have dinner, or hang out with a small group, family, or friends who are fully vaccinated.
  • Handshake and hugging.
  • Outdoor weddings, soccer games or such outdoor events.
  • Hug your grandkids (if the parents permit!)
  • Swimming at the lake
  • Attend big sporting events or crowded concerts. (mask advised)

For now, people are just eager for things to get back to normal.  Brian Porter, President and CEO, Scotiabank echoed the sentiments of most Canadians. He said, “I’m more hopeful than ever that the next time Scotiabank Arena has 25,000 people move through its doors, they will be fans, cheering on the Maple Leafs and Raptors.”


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