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Top 10 banks with the highest promotional interest rates in Canada

Looking for where to save your money to get the best promotional interest rate in the short-term? Check out these 10 banks currently offering the highest saving interest rate in Canada.

  1. HSBC Canadian Dollar High Rate Savings Account

Featured: 6.35%

1.35% after January 12, 2024

  1. DUCA Credit Union Earn More Savings Promotion Account

Featured: 6.25%

1.00% after January 31, 2024

  1. Simplii Financial ™ High Interest Savings Account

Featured: 6.00%

0.40% after 150 days

  1. Tangerine Promotional savings account

Featured: 5.85%

For a specified period of time

  1.  Scotiabank Momentum PLUS Savings Account (360-premium)

Featured: 5.40%

1.40% after 150 days

  1. CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account

Featured: 4.55%

1.15% after 122 days

  1. Motive® Savvy Savings™ Account


  1. Wealthsimple Cash

Featured: 4.00%

  1. Oaken Financial Savings Account


  1. EQ Bank Savings Plus Account


What else you need to know (the small print)

■ The high promotional Interest rate  is usually only for a limited period of time

■ Some of the banks may require a minimum balance

■ Only new customers may be eligible in some cases

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