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The marriage secret of the 2-2-2 Rule

The key to lasting romance and marriage might be easier than you think. One Reddit user who has been happily married for years, says he has found the secret to keeping the spark alive and it’s living by the  2-2-2 Rule.

Each “2” is a reminder for something different. Here’s how the rule works:

The magic of the 2-2-2 Rule

  • The first “2” means a date night every two weeks. or, two dates a month.
  • The second “2” stands for a weekend away every two months.
  • The third  “2” means a full week away every two years. Ideally, without the kids, so you can just spend time with each other.

Happily ever after

Marriage counselors along with couples say prioritizing spending time together is crucial to a happy and healthy relationship. Try out this simple 2-2-2 rule for yourself.

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