What you say is what you get

Tell me about yourself, or walk me through your resume is a guaranteed question in most job interviews. It may not always be asked directly, but the famous question always shows up.

Here’s a sample response to the tireless job interview question- Tell me about yourself, or walk me through your resume:

“Sure, I’d be happy to walk you through my resume. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from XYZ University. After graduation, I started my career as a marketing intern at Company A, where I assisted in developing social media campaigns and conducted market research.

From there, I moved on to a full-time role as a Marketing Coordinator at Company B, where I managed email marketing campaigns and collaborated with the design team to create promotional materials.

After two years, I was promoted to Senior Marketing Coordinator, where I co-led a small team and successfully launched a product that exceeded sales targets by 20%, and reached 75% of our target audience within 30 days.

Seeking new challenges, I transitioned to Company C as a Product Owner, where I collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and launch innovative products. One of my notable achievements was managing customer complaints and I was able to reduce negative feedback by over 30%.

Recently, I joined Company D as a Product Manager, a key member of the team overseeing the launch of new products into the market. I’ve been focused on aligning product strategy with customer needs, which has resulted in a 15% increase in customer satisfaction within the first year.

Throughout my career, I’ve honed my business management, marketing, and strategic thinking skills. I’m excited to bring this experience to your team and contribute to the continued success of your Company.”

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