Trees formula for success

Trees are truly magnificent and resilient. Throughout their lives, storms break their branches, the rain drenches, the sun scorches, the floods sweep and in autumn, the winds snatch all their leaves. Yet they stand tall and survive for thousands of years.
Trees formula for successTrees formula for successKeep growing

The tree never stops growing. We see it when it grows tall. We don’t see the more important growth- when it goes deep.

A tree will bury its roots deep into the earth, spreading them out over a large area, and often times are hidden from sight. It’s this continuous growth that keeps the tree grounded.

Keep communicating

Trees also cooperate and communicate constantly with one another through a fascinating underground fungal network around their roots.

Each teaspoon of dirt from the root of the tree contains over 1 kilometer of fungi filaments which they use to somehow communicate.

We use the World Wide Web (www). Trees also have their own  “wood wide web.”

Keep giving

Trees formula for success

Older parent trees access the energy and radiation from the sun, store it in their roots, and pass on the nutrients to the younger trees, which in turn grow to also become parent trees.

And the growth goes on.


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