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Planning to have a baby in USA, Canada or UK?

USA ranks the most expensive country in the world to have a baby. The average cost of a birth is in the US is around $11,000 but with the lack of transparency in the American healthcare system, the medical bills on the higher end can be outrageously high.

It’s important to also note that these costs vary for each state. Key factors that influence the final costs of childbirth include the state and its cost of living, the type of birth delivery and whether or not the patient has health insurance. While the exact costs to have a baby range anywhere in between $4,000 – $20,000, we’ll look at the two states with the highest and lowest childbirth costs.

The cost of a vaginal delivery with insurance in Alaska is $10,681, whereas the costs without insurance total at $19,775, according to Fair Health data. The state with the lowest childbirth costs is Alabama. In Alabama, a vaginal delivery with insurance costs $4,884. A delivery without insurance, however, costs $9,013. C-section deliveries, with or without insurance, for each state will cost significantly higher .The BBC reported of a woman in Virginia who landed a whopping bill of $100,000 for a complicated delivery.

Canada has low rates, making it a destination for citizens and visitors. The average price for a natural birth is only about $3.200  Canada’s low rates and high-quality facilities make it a destination for birth tourism  according to Maclean’s Magazine.

Pregnant visitors do pay a larger price but take advantage of the comparatively low rates and on-soil citizenship. For Canadian citizens, it’s all covered under the health care system.

According to CNBC, in the UK, it costs about “$2,300 on average for a vaginal delivery or planned C-section … or $3,400 for a more complicated procedure. The National Health Service completely covers pregnancy and childbirth. 

However if you prefer where Britain’s wealthiest women give birth in absolute luxury, then you should head to the prestigious private Portland hospital in central London. According to the Daily Independent, Victoria Beckham, Gerry Halliwell and the Duchess of York, all popped out there babies there. The price tag? Just a little over 30,000 pounds, or around $53,000!

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