Mind your car 

Over 105,000 vehicles are stolen in Canada every year

Thinking of buying a new car? Someone may also be thinking of stealing it! Canada, “the land of dreams and immigrants,” is seeing an alarming surge in car thefts. According to the federal government, more than 105,000 cars are stolen annually in Canada.

Auto theft increasingly involves organized crime groups, and the proceeds of these crimes are used to fund other illegal activities.

Most stolen autos being shipped abroad are destined for Africa and the Middle East.

The government earmarked $28 million in new money to help tackle the export of stolen vehicles.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his Liberal government is considering more stringent penalties for criminals engaging in auto theft.

Trudeau also hinted at the need for incentives to encourage automakers to install rigid anti-theft technology in their vehicles

Car theft and insurance

Car theft and insurance

Car theft isn’t just an inconvenience; it comes with a hefty price tag. Each year, vehicle theft costs Canada an estimated $600 million.

Car thefts also add over $1 billion in costs to Canadian insurance policyholders and taxpayers.

Beyond the financial burden, it disrupts lives, affects insurance premiums, and strains law enforcement resources.

Remember, a few simple precautions can go a long way in thwarting car thieves

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