There’s more to Ontario than the Raptors basketball 

New immigrants to Canada choose Ontario as 1st choice

Ontario, home of the Toronto Raptors, has won another crown as the most desired region for new immigrants landing in Canada.

Ontario was the province with the most immigrants in 2022, with 227,235 immigrants arriving between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. British Columbia and Quebec were a distant second and third respectively.

Nunavut, Canada’s northernmost territory, had 52 immigrants arrive in the same period. It was just below the Northwest Territories.

Province Number of immigrants
Ontario 227,235
British Columbia 83,200
Quebec 62,798
Alberta 52,573
Manitoba 21,340
Saskatchewan 16,281
Nova Scotia 13,816
New Brunswick 8,401
Prince Edward Island 3,436
NewFoundland And Labrador 2,843
Yukon 663
Northwest Territories 346
Nunavut 52

Regional breakdown of new immigrants to Canada

Immigration to Canada

New immigrants to Canada choose Ontario as 1st choice

Over the past 20 years, the number of immigrants to Canada has held steady and is just about evenly split between men and women. Over 1.2 million new immigrants to Canada are being expected over the next three years.

Asian countries dominate the list of leading countries of birth for foreign-born residents of Canada, although the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy all make the list as well.

Unemployment among immigrants

In 2021, the unemployment rate for immigrants in Canada was highest among those who had been in the country for five years or less.

The unemployment rate decreased the longer someone had been in Canada, and unemployment was lowest among those who had been in the country for more than ten years, coming more into line with the average unemployment rate for the whole of Canada.



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