“The sky is the same color wherever you go”- Persian Proverb 

Morteza set to thrill at Iran’s 24th Annual Baharan Event

The 24th Annual Baharan Event taking place at the elegant Venetian venue in Toronto on March 23rd, marks a significant milestone in celebrating Nowruz—the Persian New Year.

This event has a rich history, spanning 24 years and has become a cherished tradition for the Iranian community in Toronto.

The sold-out Baharan Event reflects its popularity as a platform and festive atmosphere for connecting with friends, family, and fellow culture enthusiasts to celebrate Nowruz.

Iranians in Toronto would be mesmerized by Morteza’s soulful music and electrifying stage presence. His unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds will set the tone for a memorable evening.

Who is Morteza?

Morteza Barjesteh

Morteza Barjesteh, best known by his stage name Morteza, is an Iranian pop singer and composer who gained fame in Iran during the 1980s. Born on August 31, 1951, in Tehran, Iran, Morteza’s early years were spent in the city. He studied architecture and worked as a graphic designer before embarking on his professional singing career.

Morteza’s musical journey began when he participated in a singing festival called “Mikhak-e Noghre-yi” (Silver Carnation) in 1969, hosted by Fereydoon Farrokhzad on Iran’s national television.

His victory in the competition marked the start of his prominence as a singer. Until the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Morteza collaborated with various Iranian songwriters and composers, recording around 180 songs and contributing to over 50  songs for Iranian movies.

In 1981, following the revolution, Morteza left Iran for the United States and settled in Los Angeles. Despite financial challenges, he continued his artistic pursuits, releasing two well-received albums: “Dayeh Dayeh” (Nanny Nanny) and “Anar Anar” (Pomegranate). During the politically charged 1980s, he also sang some notable political songs, including “Darugheh” (The Sheriff).

Morteza set to thrill at Iran’s 24th Annual Baharan Event

Apart from his music career, Morteza has been actively involved in social and cultural activities. In 2002, he founded the Iran Culture House in the United States, aiming to bring together the Iranian community through cultural and artistic endeavors.

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