Leading from Your Core: Obi Abuchi

In his inspiring newly released book, Leading from Your Core, Obi Abuchi, British-born author of The Magic of Monday sets out a compelling path to becoming a purposeful, courageous, and resilient leader.

Through compelling and vulnerable stories, deep insights, and experiences shared by more than 60 leaders, readers will learn how to overcome self-sabotage in their leadership, know what they stand for, build moral character, and lead with purpose and authenticity.

Where leaders sometimes fail.

  1. Consistently deliver sustainable results.
  2. Effectively navigate their businesses through seasons of tremendous change.
  3. Build highly engaged and motivated teams.
  4. Handle big time pressures.

7 key lessons in Leading from Your Core 

Leading from your core

  • Innovate and remain relevant in the marketplace, despite evolving customer dynamics, changing employee needs, business growth challenges, and competitors’ pressure.
  • Tap on the core power within, in addressing the volatility, complexity and ambiguity of the  external world.
  • Stay motivated, resilient, and inspirational.
  • Unleash the power of team members.
  • Develop personal mastery skills.
  • Walk with integrity snd maximize energy
  • Grow rapidly in emotional intelligence.

Dare to lead 

What sets CORE Leaders apart are clear values, rewarding habits, optimistic worldview and empowering beliefs.

The author dares you to lead, and believes you can.

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