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Job interview- Rent a suit for free at H&M

Going for a job interview and need to look the part? You can soon rent a suit for free from H&M. The clothing retail giant is now allowing customers to rent their men’s suits for free for 24 hours to attend job interviews.

By dressing sharp, experienced candidates and new immigrants can look good and feel confident, going into that job interview. H&M said it wanted anyone attending a job interview “to make a powerful first impression.”

H&M’s new suit-rental service was launched this week in the UK but plans to offer the same service in the U.S. starting mid-May this year. It could also be coming to Canada soon.

When The Business Immigrant contacted H&M Canada, the representative said, “we are doing our best to introduce the service to Canada soon, despite the challenges of staffing, shipping and restrictions. We will announce it on the Trending Now section of our website once this service becomes available.”

The navy-blue suits on the service run from sizes XS to XXL. H&M confirmed that customers would not have to pay for the rental and would have 24 hours to use the suit before returning it. Customers would have to return it in a prepaid returns bag to a specified dry-cleaning company. Customers who rent the suits will not pay for minor damage such as stains or tears, H&M assured.

The move is reportedly part of a larger, sustainability-focused effort by the clothing giant, which launched a “conscious collection” in 2012.  The new collection features items that are made of at least 50% sustainable materials. H&M says it plans to only use recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

Job interview- Rent a suit for free at H&M

In the meantime, non-profit organizations including Dress for  Success (catered specifically for professional women), Goodwill’s Clothing Works, Dress Your Best and Suits His Style offer amazing options for all seeking to make a wonderful first impression without breaking the bank.



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