Be careful about Canada immigration promises that are too good to be true

Immigrating to Canada: Use an immigration lawyer or go on your own?

Getting an immigration lawyer or agent  is where most people start when they are planning to immigrate to Canada.

Before you begin the immigration journey, you need to first ask two simple questions: do you need an immigration lawyer or consultant to process your application to immigrate to Canada? And is that person on the list of approved immigration consultants?

Do you need an immigration agent to help you immigrate to Canada?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, an immigration consultant can help you in putting all your documents together, explain the process to you fully. That way, you are well informed and your submission will be thorough and complete.

Will the immigration consultant or lawyer help your application be processed faster and guarantee the approval of your application to immigrate to Canada? Absolutely no.

The processing of your application to immigrate to Canada is entirely in the hands of the office of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. All applications are screened objectively based on the specified criteria of the immigration program.

Unfortunately, some immigration agents in many parts of the world create the false impression that they can fast-track your application. Or perhaps, that’s what most immigration applicants want to hear.

How do know if your immigration consultant or lawyer is authorized?

Immigrating to Canada: Use an immigration lawyer or go on your own?

You can check if a person is authorized to represent immigrants, give advice, or submit applications on clients’ behalf. It is quite easy to find out here:

Tips to protect yourself from fraud and unlicensed immigration agents

  • Be careful of anything that sounds too good to be true. Remember that using a representative will not draw special attention to your application or guarantee that Canada Immigration will approve it.
  • Beware of representatives who encourage you to give false information in your application. It’s against the law, and you could be denied entry into Canada or deported after you arrive.
  • Don’t leave original documents or photos with your representative.
  • Don’t sign blank application forms.
  • Don’t sign forms or documents unless you can read them. If you don’t understand them, ask someone to translate.
  • Make sure to get copies of any documents your representative makes for you.
  • Any time you pay your representative, get a signed receipt.
  • Make sure your representative updates you on your application often.
  • Protect your money and remember that Canada Immigration will never call you and ask you to deposit money into a personal bank account.

Canada’s doors are wide open

Immigrating to Canada: Use an immigration lawyer or go on your own?

Canada admits over 300,000 new immigrants every year and probably has the highest immigration population in the world.

You can apply directly to immigrate to Canada or you may choose to apply through an authorized immigration consultant.

Whatever route, you decide to take, you would still need to do your homework and due diligence when planning to immigrate to Canada, the land of immigrants.


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