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How to negotiate for a hybrid work arrangement

You want a hybrid work schedule—but your employer wants you back in the office full-time. Here are some steps to help you negotiate for the arrangement you want.

First, try to understand your employer’s position about hybrid work. Initiate conversations with key decision-makers like your manager and your colleagues in HR. It’s also important to understand where your company leaders stand on the issue, so look closely at any statements they’ve made about returning to the office. This data will help you craft a better case for yourself.

Then develop a sound rationale for why you want hybrid flexibility. Whether you’re dealing with a painfully long commute to the office, your team is based across different time zones, or you’re juggling caregiving responsibilities, build a clear case for yourself.

Next, try to get your manager to warm up to your ideas. The best way to do this is to demonstrate your exceptional value, trustworthiness, and communication skills. Without those assets, you’ll be unlikely to get what you want.

Finally, pitch a thoughtful, logical schedule. Craft a weekly calendar that makes sense for your needs and won’t disrupt the flow of work for the team. And propose a trial period to test out the hybrid work.

Now that you’ve done the groundwork, bring it all together in an ask. Schedule an in-person meeting with your manager sometime after your formal annual review period. If that’s too far away, try a time when your performance and impact shine bright. For example, set up a meeting after you’ve received kudos for a high-visibility project.

Crucially, be confident but respectful when you make your ask—and be prepared to hear “no” to your hybrid work request.


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