Raccoons and Canada seem to go together. 

How to get rid of raccoons from your house in Canada

How to get rid of raccoons from your house or even prevent raccoons from getting into your house is a puzzle many people are finding difficult to solve. It is particularly perplexing for newcomers to Canada who have never experienced dealing with raccoons in their home countries.

They may look so innocent when you see them hopping across the road or snuggling in your backyard. However, raccoons are quite a nuisance. Always searching for food and a place to establish their den or have their babies. Raccoons can show up in your lovely home before you know it.

How can you get rid of raccoons in your house? Or how can you prevent raccoons from entering in the first place?

If they are already in, here are 7 simple ways to get rid of raccoons from your house:

  1. Keep food sources out of sight

Raccoons are always food searching.  Keep food wastes out of sight and secure food bins properly. You can use a thick lid and a weight or pressure straps on top.

  1. Trim the trees

Trim your trees back from your home to six or eight feet away, so raccoons can’t get to your roof and make their way into your attic. Raccoons mostly build their homes in a house den.

  1. Spray cayenne pepper

Raccoons hate the smell of cayenne pepper. So, you can make a solution to spray around their known entrances to your home or sprinkle the powder around your garden. This could also help you get rid of raccoons from your house.

  1. Seal all openings

Seal off your roof, chimney and any holes in your house. To prevent raccoons from entering your house, seal all openings they might use to enter. Make sure you get the raccoons inside the house already out first before sealing the entrances.

  1. Bright lights and noises

Turn on bright lights and loud noises to scare them off. A loud battery-operated radio in the attic, fireplace or wherever you sight them might work.

  1. Use predator urine or ammonia

Another means to get rid of raccoons from your house is by spraying ammonia mix. This makes the raccoons think a predator is nearby so they need to escape as quickly as possible. You can purchase this online from any major outdoor store. Or ask a professional to do it.

  1. Get a wildlife removal professional

This is the best and ultimate solution in getting rid of a raccoon from your house. Get a professional such as Prime Pest Control or Toronto Wildlife Centre, or any other provider to safely remove and relocate the raccoon far away from your property.((Family Handyman))

It will cost you around 300$ or more depending on the professional’s location and the number of raccoons. But this is really the fastest. and permanent solution.((Canadian Wildlife))

How to get rid of raccoons from your house in Canada

Raccoons and Canada

Raccoons have become part of the Canadian landscape. Can you believe it? There are over 1.1 million raccoons in southern Ontario alone. That’s probably why Toronto is sometimes called the Raccoon capital of the world.((Prime Pest Control))

People planning to immigrate to Canada should also be aware of the high raccoon population. With the sky-high prices of Real Estate in Toronto and other big cities, you would want to avoid these intruders in your expensive house.((Regional Wildlife))

Now that you know how to get rid of raccoons in your house, you can relax and feel more welcome to Canada.((How I Get Rid Of))

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