Immigrating to Canada may just be round the corner

With the growing popularity of Canada as an immigration destination, more and more people are now trying to immigrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program, popularly referred to as PNP.

How to immigrate to Canada and how to get permanent residency in Canada are now amongst the top searches on Google. It’s no surprise.

For business people, students and skilled workers, one of the ways to get permanent residency in Canada is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP),

What is the Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program is for immigrants – students schooling in Canada, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, and business owners in Canada to gain permanent residency in Canada and contribute to a province’s economy.

How does the provincial nominee program work?

The first step in the provincial nominee program is to apply for nomination in the province where you would like to gain permanent residency.

Each province in the country controls its selection process and streams. For example, New Brunswick requires employment from a resident employer, among other eligibility requirements.

The application type also depends on which Provincial Nominee Program stream you are applying to. The application types for the provincial nominee program are:

Paper-Based Process: This application option is done by a province under a “Non-Express Entry stream.”

You must have made sure that you meet all your province’s eligibility requirements and have your documents at hand. The necessary documents are your travel documents and passports, proof of language proficiency, education certificate, medical examination pass, police check certificate, etc.

Once that is completed and you have been nominated, you can proceed to an application for permanent residence (either a paper application or online application) to immigration.

Typically, the Paper-Based Process takes a longer time (18 months) than the Express Entry application, which takes 6 months.

Express Entry Process: This application option is available in provinces and territories aligned with the Express Entry stream. It is a fast and online-based process of application for nomination. You can apply in two different ways. However, regardless of whichever option you choose, you must first create an Express Entry profile.

Option 1: You can contact a specific territory or province you’re interested in and apply for a nomination. When your province agrees to nominate you, you will need to update your Express Entry Profile to show that you have been nominated.

Option 2: The second option consists of selecting a couple of provinces you are interested in on your Express Entry Profile. If you meet a province’s requirements, the province will send you a notification of interest. Once this happens, the next step is to contact the province directly. If the province decides to move forward with nominating you for permanent residency, it will be offered through your profile, and you can accept the nomination online.

For both of these application methods, you must meet the minimum criteria for Express entry. However, notification of interest doesn’t always guarantee nomination for permanent residency.

Does the Provincial Nominee Program guarantee permanent residence?

How the Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) works and all you need to know

A nomination doesn’t guarantee the approval of your permanent residence application because the provinces only get to decide who they nominate for permanent residency.

The decisive power for granting permanent residency in Canada rests in the hands of the federal government.

However, a nomination by one of the provinces, especially in Atlantic Canada is almost guaranteed to get your application approved.

Get ready for Canada.


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