“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”
HOPE worldwide Toronto

The Toronto Central chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada will be holding a special walkathon at the Earl Bales Park on June 18 as part of the national HOPE in Action event to meet pressing needs in the community. 

Volunteers will do a 5k and 10k walk and run at the Earl Bales Park trails surrounded by tall trees, sprawling ravines and  an eye-catching waterfall. The event starts at 8 AM.

For those biking, the meet up point is 855 Alness St.  #18, where BikeFX will be hosting a bike ride on a designated route as part of the HOPE worldwide fundraiser. 

Proceeds from the event this year by the Toronto Chapter would be used to support newly arrived refugees from war-torn Ukraine and The Second Chance Foundation, ensuring that racialized, marginalized and formerly incarcerated women get another chance. 

HOPE worldwide Canada creates programs and events that engage volunteers to help their fellow community members in need. 

HOPE in Action is the national event that brings people together on a dedicated day each year to get them ACTIVE in order to raise funds for community programs.

Each Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada runs programs unique to their community, helping those experiencing food insecurity or without a roof over their heads, supporting children without family units and helping refugees and newcomers to Canada.

While the Toronto Central will be at Earl Bales Park, the Winnipeg Chapter is hosting a Fitness Carnival at the Oak & Aspen Shelters featuring a 5km Walk/Run, Zumba session and a Seated Fitness class

Why is HOPE helping Ukraine and 2nd Chance Foundation?

Since the Ukraine-Russian war started, almost 5 million refugees from Ukraine have been recorded across Europe. Canada has so far received over 10,000 refugees with the numbers rising daily. 

The challenges of fleeing their home country are often compounded by the emotional, cultural and financial pressures of immigrating to Canada as refugees. 

Alex and Nataliya Natalie Kovalenko, leaders of The Ukraine Carr Str. Gospel Church have been spearheading a dedicated support campaign for newly arrived Ukrainian refugees. They said “meeting the spiritual, financial, and housing needs of the refugees will require a concerted effort. It takes more than words to make this happen. Love is truly a matter of action.”

The Second Chance Foundation on the other hand was created to support, empower, and educate incarcerated, marginalized, racialized, and transitional women. 

The TSCF Director said, “no woman should be defined by the mistakes of their past. It is our belief that everyone deserves to lead a happy, productive, and fulfilling life. Our foundation is created by women for women to assist in providing that “second chance” without judgement that is needed.”

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