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Hivenue now provides housing assistance to new immigrants in Montreal and Eastern Canada

As Canada ramps up its immigration program and with more people opting to immigrate to Eastern Canada, Hivenue has created an enhanced house search platform for newcomers.

Through its platform, Hivenue offers a co-living marketplace where newcomers and immigrants can easily find suitable living spaces and connect with compatible roommates.

Hivenue, the Montreal-based startup, is dedicated to supporting newcomers and immigrants by providing tailored solutions for their housing needs.

By leveraging advanced technology and an AI-powered algorithm, Hivenue ensures optimal roommate matching based on users’ preferences and profiles. This personalized approach fosters a supportive community and facilitates the creation of meaningful connections.

Hivenue recognizes the challenges faced by newcomers and immigrants, such as limited knowledge of local housing markets and difficulties in finding trustworthy roommates. Their platform streamlines the process, enabling individuals to book private, furnished rooms in shared apartments with ease and confidence monthly.

The platform’s vetting system for property owners adds an extra layer of security and trust, giving newcomers and immigrants peace of mind when choosing their accommodations. This feature ensures their privacy and provides reassurance, particularly for those without local references or job offers.

Newcomers and new challenges

Hivenue now provides housing assistance to new immigrants in Montreal and Eastern Canada

With Hivenue’s assistance, newcomers and immigrants can overcome the obstacles often associated with relocating to a new city. By offering a supportive environment and helping individuals establish a sense of belonging, Hivenue plays a vital role in making their transition smoother and more comfortable.

Through their commitment to assisting newcomers and immigrants in eastern Canada, Hivenue is actively contributing to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community.

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