One of the biggest challenges facing immigrant women to Canada is making new friendships and forming strong social connections.  With its ironic appellation, The King’s Circle, a women’s group in Toronto has managed to do that successfully. Started in 2005, it has forged strong social connections, cutting across various nationalities of not just immigrant women.

The Visionary, Esther Tauhid, an Immigrant originally from Nigeria, said the initial thinking was to create a great place for a group of women to simply meet sing, pray and play. Women from all nations, all ages and all stages of life, gathered in one room, once a month- to connect, communicate, build friendship and create laughter.

Esther explained that “the whole idea was to have a sisterhood of worshippers united in praise, giving back and helping and being there for each other in authentic friendship.“Our guiding scripture was Matthew 18:20 about where two or three are gathered. So we don’t have to be many; we just have to be there.”

The King’s Circle which started with four women has now grown into a large group and expanded into UK, Nigeria and USA.Monthly meetings, overnight retreats,fun parties, friendship visits, Movie nights, picnics, and nature trails all happen in the King’s Circle.

In addition, they are also actively involved in charity work, creating a great experience both for the women themselves and the recipients.Their charity activities include: Valentine love baskets for single mothers, grocery drop-offs for seniors, gift packs for for incarcerated women, winter essentials for the homeless and close partnership with Hope worldwide Canada.

“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.” The King’s Circle has definitely left a lot of that in the air.

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