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Canadians get ready for “bulletproof” Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck, with its sharp angles and futuristic design, was one of the main attractions at the 2024 Canadian International Auto Show. And Canadian buyers are already waiting in the wings.

The vehicle’s bulletproof exoskeleton, and otherworldly presence were impossible to ignore.

The long-awaited electric truck, finally making its first Canadian appearance, drew crowds of curious onlookers throughout the weekend and wherever Tesla went.

While some marveled at its innovative features, like the ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton and self-leveling air suspension, others questioned its unorthodox aesthetics and potential safety concerns.

The futuristic electric pickup truck drew sizable crowds and left attendees buzzing with excitement.

The Canadian International Auto Show is just one stop on the Cybertruck’s global tour. In recent weeks, Tesla has showcased the Cybertruck at various automotive conferences and events worldwide. From the Chicago Auto Show to appearances in China and Japan, the Cybertruck has been turning heads everywhere it goes.

Time will tell whether sales of the Tesla Cybertruck will be as hot as the vehicle looks

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