“The future is the most expensive luxury in the world.”

Step aside Tesla. Here comes Project Arrow, Canada’s first homegrown all-electric vehicle was a star attraction at the Collision Conference. It is also now one of the biggest showstoppers at car events around the world.

The fully functional, fully Canadian electric vehicle Project Arrow is a collaboration between more than 50 auto parts makers and partners including TELUS Business, University of Waterloo, and Ontario Tech University.

It’s a captivating showcase of Canadian engineering, a clean sheet for Canadian technology. and a reminder of Canada’s innovation prowess, even after Blackberry. It’s a clean sheet for Canadian technology.

Some of the truly unique features in Project Arrow includes:

  • Maple floor
  • A solar roof that generates electricity as you drive
  • Ai powered steering wheels that monitor your body vitals as you drive
  • 550 horsepower
  • Fiber body panels
  • Tracking biometrics

The protocol vehicle is the brainchild of the automotive parts manufacturing association(APMA), which represents over 530 companies in Canada.

The project will lead the transformation of Canada’s automotive sector from traditional fuel vehicle development to zero-emission vehicle development.

It will also help to create a robust electric vehicle supply chain in Canada, increasing Canada’s domestic electric vehicle development capacity in everything from electric powertrains and CAV systems to battery production.

The price tag?

Sensational Project Arrow EV steals the show at Collision

Interested in owning The Arrow? For now, it is valued at a modest $20 million! But it’s not available for sale, even if you can afford the hefty price tag.

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