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The Government of Canada has announced the launch of the Upgrade Your Skills advertising campaign to inform Canadians about financial supports and programs available to help them gain the skills needed to succeed in today’s labour market.

As Canada’s labour market evolves, it is vital for Canadians to continue learning and upgrading their skills to take advantage of new work opportunities, find well-paying jobs and build rewarding careers.

The campaign runs from February 5 until March 31, 2024, and targets youth (age 18 to 24) looking to start their career and adults (age 25 to 54) looking to upskill and change or improve their career.

The campaign will reach youth and adults through social media, web, digital radio, public digital displays and national broadcast media and direct them to—a repository of information about resources that Canadians can benefit from, such as the Skills for Success program, to help new Canadians build foundational and transferable skills;

This campaign supports the Government of Canada’s efforts to help Canadians access support to overcome barriers to employment and gain valuable work skills and experience to be ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

“Investing in the workers of today, means experiencing a successful workforce tomorrow. We must provide for workers so they have the right skill sets to find higher paying jobs, protect our standard of living and build a stronger, more resilient Canadian economy,” said the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages, Randy Boissonnault.

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