Black Boys Code launches $1.3M Scholarship Program for Black  youth in Ontario

If you are black, aged between 18-29, and living in Ontario, you can get a full scholarship for a specialized technology training program and start a new career as a web developer.

Black Boys Code announced that it has already granted $650,000 in scholarships through the Black Youth Reskilling in Tech Program. They still have another additional sum of $650,000 available to young black adults.

The scholarships are specially dedicated to Blacks in Ontario to attend 3-month, full-time web development bootcamps.

The Black Youth Reskilling Program is an ongoing initiative to help hundreds of unemployed or underemployed Black Youth in Ontario gain the skills needed to start their careers in technology as Web Developers, by March 2022.

We’re collaborating with tech educators at Lighthouse Labs to deliver these accelerated bootcamps.

Each $13,000 scholarship covers the full cost of the Bootcamp, and access to a wide range of career support services. The main goals are to teach each student the technical skills required to be a professional Web Developer and help them land jobs in Ontario’s rapidly expanding tech industry.

The track record of the Reskilling Program. 

Black Boys Code launches $1.3M Scholarship Program for Black  youth in Ontario

  • 97% of job-seeking bootcamp graduates became employed post-graduation.
  • 87% of job-seeking grads from the bootcamp were hired within 180 days of graduation
  • $50,564 was the average starting salary in a graduate’s first role after bootcamp.
  • 1,006 boys have participated in our monthly online Exposure Workshops
  • 229 boys in eight cities across Canada are currently enrolled in the Learning Math Through Code after-school program
  • 212 boys across Canada enrolled in the inaugural Summer Technology Camp
  • 23 University Computer Science students were hired as instructors and classroom assistants for the Summer Technology Camp.

Interested male and female black persons are encouraged to apply directly to Blackboys Code Program and take advantage of this historic technology offer.

The CEO, Bryan Johnson said, “The Black Youth Reskilling in Tech Program is one of the many programs we offer to improve digital literacy among Black Youth across Canada and to help them thrive in the bourgeoning technology industry. The timing is perfect for young black adults to set a new benchmark for personal excellence and let preparation meet opportunity.”

Black poverty facts 

 1 in 5 racialized families lives in poverty in Canada, as opposed to 1 in 20 non-racialized families.

27% of Black children were also living in a low-income situation, compared to 14% of children in the rest of the population.

The latest tech education program by  Blackboys Code Program will not change the grim facts about Black poverty. But it is a move in the right direction.

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