Soul food and the spoken word venture beyond black. 

Andrew Thompson releases “The Good Word” in Black history month

Andrea Thompson, a top Canadian writer, spoken word artist, advocate and University of Toronto lecturer will be releasing the first-ever “Good Word” album on February 22.

With her latest spoken word album, Andrea Thompson takes the public on an unforgettable journey to the intersection of faith and Black history, as Canada joins the rest of the world to celebrate  Black history month.

Through the tracks of this album, Thompson shares her perception of the spiritual influences that inspired Black history’s key creative moments – from the haunting slave spirituals of the old south, to the juke joints of the Harlem Renaissance, and the coffee houses of the Black Arts movement.

Black history is excavated and its heroes are celebrated – from Harriet Tubman to Martin Luther King, from Mahalia Jackson to Thompson’s own paternal ancestor – who escaped slavery via the underground railroad.

Music talks 

Andrew Thompson releases “The Good Word” in Black history month

With music by acclaimed composer and hip-hip producer, Evren Oz, The Good Word is Thompson’s most personal work to date. It is an unflinching testament to the generational influence of ancestry and faith – infused with bluesy rhythm, soulful jazz and gospel undertones.

This album is spoken word soul food, with a powerful message of history, love, faith and the enduring spirit that is the backbone of what it means to be Black in North America.

Who is Andrea Thompson?

Andrea Thompson, MFA is a Canadian writer, spoken word artist, advocate, educator, and long-time member of the League of Canadian Poets who has been publishing and performing her work for over twenty-five years.

As an established Canadian writer, Andrea’s work has received much critical acclaim. As a spoken word artist, Thompson is well known for her sustained and foundational role as a trail-blazing artist on the Canadian spoken word landscape, as well her commitment to nurturing and supporting youth and emerging artists of all ages.

Thompson currently teaches spoken word poetry through the University of Toronto’s Department of English & Drama. She is an editor at Brick Books and has served as both a curator and the Artistic Director of Brick’s online spoken word showcase, Brickyard.

Carrying Wood and Ilene Sova

Andrew Thompson releases “The Good Word” in Black history month

Andrea Thompson also featured prominently at the highly acclaimed “Carrying Wood” Art Exhibition which was recently organized by the John Aird Gallery.

The highlight of the event was the gripping narration of A Poetic Response to Unknown Relative, by Ilene Sova.

The CARRYING WOOD group exhibition, curated by Patrick DeCoste, featured  JOHN B. AIRD GALLERY‘s current and past board members.

Stephen Fakiyesi, Frances Cordero de Bolanos, Maggie Broda, Patrick DeCoste, L. E. Glazer (OSA), Janet Hendershot (OSA), Jowenne Herrera, Steve Khan, Sue Lloyd, Sebastein Miller, and Rhoda Payne (OS


Andrea Thompson 

Stephen Fakiyesi

Aird Gallery

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