The craziest shopping day of the year could have a catch

7 things you should not buy on Black Friday

It might surprise you to know that not everything is at its cheapest on Black Friday- the biggest and craziest shopping day of the year.

Don’t jump on everything with a big Black Friday sale tag. Certain items are hot commodities on that day, but some are not. Following is a quick list of purchases that you should avoid on Black Friday.


This is top of the list. Black Friday is not the best time to buy a car. They might seem discounted, but you can get a better deal.

Wait a month or so, when dealers may be more likely to offer year-end sales so they can make sales quotas and make room for new year models.


Black Friday’s not also a good time for deals on sneakers. An analyst’s survey showed that consumers can sometimes expect to pay an average of over $20 more than you would on the cheapest day of the year for each pair. So Black Friday sneaker deals could just be a myth.


Couches, recliners, coffee tables — we all have to buy furniture sometime.  Black Friday is not the best day to make the move.  You’re better off waiting till January or late summer when retailers are trying to dump their old inventory.

Christmas decorations

black friday

You might find some great deals on holiday decor elements on Black Friday. However, the time when stores really want to dump those kinds of seasonal items is after a holiday ends.

Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment retailers know when their big moment is, and it’s not pre-Christmas. It’s in January, when everyone who’s made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get in shape decides to assemble a home fitness room.

Winter jackets and cold-weather clothing

Sure, you can snatch up some great clothing deals but when it comes to outdoor winter wear, shiver your way through December wearing whatever you’ve got. The best deals on parkas, snow gear, down coats and fleece jackets won’t come until January or after the winter season.((Money Talk))


Sure, there will be Black Friday deals on toys, but practical parents do their stocking up on toys in January, when stores are trying to get rid of all the playthings left over from the holidays.

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