Getting the best of both worlds is no longer impossible. 

Part-time businesses

How would you like to have a part time business or side hustle and still retain your full-time job?

Here are some ways you can start a small side business right away in your spare time.

  1. Create and sell your own handmade goods
  2. Be an UBER or Lyft driver
  3. Host with Airbnb
  4. Sell digital subscriptions
  5. Join the gig economy
  6. Teach an online course
  7. Start a blog
  8. Start a YouTube channel
  9. Become an influencer
  10. Start a podcast
  11. Become a freelance bookkeeper
  12. Participate in paid online surveys
  13. Food delivery (UBER Eats, Skip the Dishes)
  14. Become a dog walker
  15. Become a freelance writer
  16. Be a reliable house sitter and/or pet sitter
  17. Manage social media accounts
  18. Be a virtual assistant
  19. Transcribe medical notes and legal proceedings
  20. Be a user tester for apps and websites
  21. Be a homework assistant
  22. Become an affiliate marketer
  23. Sell digital products
  24. Party planning
  25. Sell or flip used products
  26. Be a proofreader
  27. Sell services on Fiverr (platform for freelancers)
  28. Start flipping furniture
  29. Sell things on eBay and Amazon
  30.  Sell on Shopify
  31.  Be a part time cleaner (the pay is surprisingly good)
  32. Create a course to sell
  33. Start a consulting service
  34. Be a make-up specialist
  35. Get cashback when you shop
  36. Find a part-time job (restaurant, bar tending, customer service, gym front desk, ETC)
  37. Work as a personal shopper
  38. Invest in rental properties with friends
  39. Do landscaping or lawn mowing in the summer
  40. Participate in research and marketing focus groups.


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