Making money is not for adults only 

Sometimes it seems like it isn’t that easy for immigrants’ kids to make extra money. In many places they can’t get regular jobs, and when they do they are not protected by the law in the way that adults are.

But the truth is there are lots of jobs that kids can do to make money if they are creative enough, and especially if they have the support of adults. For safety, with younger kids it is especially important that adults are involved if they will be in any way interacting with strangers (or even neighbors).

Here is a list of ideas on how kids can make money:

Checklist of jobs for kids

37 jobs for kids to help them make extra money

1. Washing cars

2. Delivering fliers or newspapers

3. Washing bikes

4. Cleaning homes of friends, neighbors, and family members

5. Doing extra chores for parents

6. Mowing lawns

7. Using sprinklers

8. Raking leaves

9. Mopping or sweeping

10. Tidying up the garage

11. Walking dogs

12. Babysitting

13. Looking after pets when neighbors are on vacation

14. House-sitting

15. Running short errands

16. Bringing in or putting away groceries

17. Organizing cupboards or cabinets

18. Washing dishes

19. Doing and/or putting away laundry

20. Delivering fliers or brochures

21. General garden work

22. Help with declutter

23. Collecting recyclables (in some places there is even a financial reward for turning them in)

24. Fixing basic computer problems or showing people how to do things

25. Helping the elderly

26. Putting together furniture flat packs

27. Helping out at Garage sales

28. Helping out at a school with sports teams

29. Private tutoring

30. Shining shoes

31. Returning garbage cans

32. Putting up or removing signs

33. Putting up or taking down Christmas lights

34. Disposing of Christmas trees

35. Hanging up pictures or decorations

36. Offering to do jobs for a family member with a business

37. Weeding gardens.


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