“You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic.” 

16 small business ideas and side hustles you can start now

Finding a full-time job or starting your own business as a newcomer might sometimes seem a high mountain to climb. But there’s a sweet spot in between – starting your own small business or a side hustle.

Here are 16 small business ideas to get your entrepreneurial adrenaline pumping:

Sell used or unwanted stuff

Funmi Lawal, a professional woman and housewife does this well. She said, “I go to different thrift stores or garage sales, and buy and resell. I also get antique items for cheap, learn about them, and resell at a good profit.

“I also drive around town, pick items that people throw away – toys, little furniture, and things that I can easily store in my shed. I clean them and sell. I do this because I use whatever money I get from sale to help families back home.  That way I do not have to dig into our savings.”

Selling used items can be a good side hustle and has the potential to grow into a big business.

Freelance Writing

There is a big market  for quality content on the web and many companies will hire freelance writers to write content in various industries.

Depending on the industry and the agreed-upon contract, a typical freelance writer can make anywhere between $20 to $200 per article.

Virtual assistant 

There is currently a massive demand for virtual assistants, and there are endless services you can provide to the business owners out there.

This makes it one of the best side hustles especially for immigrant moms. Moreover, they are flexible as they can be done from anywhere.  r based on the services you offer.

Start dog walking

16 small business ideas and side hustles you can start now

Simple as it sounds! This is another way to earn some passive income and is a great side hustle.

You would be surprised how many people would love to use this service.

Become a professional cleaner 

Immigrants tend to look down on cleaning jobs. But being a cleaver in Canada is no dirty business! There are so many people busy in their daily schedules and don’t find enough time to clean, so they are always on the lookout for cleaning services.

Try placing ads on Facebook or Instagram and see how many people want your help.

You can be a full time employee by day and a cleaner at evenings or weekend. Cleaning can even become full time if you are dedicated to it.

Get Your Real Estate license and become a realtor 

16 small business ideas and side hustles you can start now

Becoming a real estate agent is great to do full-time or another side hustle.

Successful realtors make good money. It takes time to build your network and clientele but it’s a job you can do as part-time and still retain your full-time job.

Try thrift flipping

Thrift flipping is when you purchase something, typically from the thrift store, and sell it for more than you paid for originally. It usually involves making improvements to the item, like repainting old furniture or repurposing a dress into a skirt. However, these improvements can also include simply cleaning the item up and styling it in a desirable way

Do online surveys

Online surveys are another easy way to make a quick buck. When the kids are busy with school or settled down for a nap, you can complete a few online surveys and get compensated with cash or gift cards. Only fill out surveys for verified websites that you trust.

Driving for Uber/Lyft/Skip the Dish/Uber Eats

If you have a driver’s license and a newer car, a home-based business idea for Canadians and often one that many take on is driving people around or delivering food.

With companies such as Uber, Lyft, Skip the Dish or Uber Eats, you can make yourself some cool money and turn it into a business.

Driving Uber doesn’t seem as profitable as it used to be. But it’s still a good side hustle.

House sitting

Many people are hiring people to keep an eye on their homes while they travel.

This doesn’t always mean you must stay in their home. Many times, homeowners just need someone to water their plants and feed their pets.

Breed dogs or cats

Canadians love their pets. There are  almost 8 million cats and 5.9 million dogs Canada. With some special breeds costing up to $1000, dog breeding can be a profitable side hustle.

Monetize your home 

16 small business ideas and side hustles you can start now

If you own a house you can make extra money from it in a few ways:

  • Become an Airbnb host
  • Rent out your driveway or parking space
  • Hold a garage sale
  • Host a foreign exchange student or do a homestay

Hair braiding

16 small business ideas and side hustles you can start now

This can be done at your convenience and with some caution. You can do it outside in the backyard or porch. Get paid in cash or through a number of money apps.((Mom Hacks))

Create an online fashion boutique

If you love fashion and sharing your sense of style online, you can consider creating your own online fashion boutique. You don’t need to become a fashion designer—you can simply curate items from other vendors into your own online store.((Canada Startups))

Sell products online

Selling online these days is quite  easy. You can do it directly on your website, through social media and pretty much anywhere.

It’s important to find the products which you can sell. Do some research, figure out the costs and try to meet a need.((All moms blog))

Share a skill or be a tutor

Chances are, you’re really good at some things. Maybe you’d like to start a small business coaching others and teaching them a skill. Some require certification, like high-level coaches for sports, but others don’t.

A few options are: Life coach, Music or art instructor, Subject tutor and Language teacher.((Mint))

Next step?

You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to start your part time business. Remember, perfection is impossible, but you don’t stop aiming for it.”

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