“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

10 questions to ask yourself before attending your next job interview

You have been invited for a job interview. You already have a foot in the door, and you only need to ace the interview to land the job.

Here are 10 crucial questions you must ask yourself and be adequately prepared for before your next job interview:

Your interview success questions and checklist

1. Can you talk about yourself and summarize your work experience in less than 3 minutes?

Have you rehearsed this repeatedly in front of the mirror and on camera as part of preparing for the job interview? A common first question asked during interviews is, “tell us about yourself.” This question requires you to talk about your background, skills, significant accomplishments, and why you are applying to that role.

2. What are the top 3 requirements for this job?

What are the essential qualities you think the Hiring Manager is looking for from the job description?

3. How does your experience fit into these requirements?

As you head into the job interview, can you be as specific as possible in matching your skills with the job description?

4. Why do you think you are best qualified for the job? Can you describe this with passion and conviction at the job interview?

5. Have you researched the company adequately?

Do you know their history, mission, what they do, and how they do it? Can you give a few stats about the company at the interview?

6. Why did you apply for this job in the first place? (Of course, we know you need the job to pay your bills, but that’s not what you want to say).

What did you find particularly attractive about the role that made you apply? When you get to the job interview, can you describe this convincingly?

7. Can you give three examples of what you have done in the past relevant to this job you are applying for?

Before the interview, can you describe a problem you solved, your actions, and the specific results? This is important in positioning yourself as the best candidate.

8. In your career, what achievement are you most proud of? Can you find a way to weave this in at the job interview, even if you are not asked directly?

10 questions to ask yourself before attending your next job interview

9. How will you respond to the question: why should we hire you?

Just like the first question, summarise your skills, passion and experience, and align them to the role and the company’s goals.

10. Have you thought of at least two intelligent questions you will ask the recruiter at the end of the interview.

Recruiters most times end an interview with “do you have any questions for us?” This is the last opportunity for you to shine in the job interview.

You are so close

10 questions to ask yourself before attending your next job interview

You now know the questions you would be asked at your next job interview. You’ve asked yourself and answered. Now, go ahead and get the job.

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