Live life on your own terms “Because I Can”  

Hanieh Khoshkhou

Peacock Press has launched a mission to bridge the diversity gap in publishing and give a new voice to black authors such as Hanieh Khoshkhou as well as marginalized communities in Canada.

Their first book, Because I Can, written by Hanieh Khoshkhou is a collection of prose and poetry with themes that all of us can identify with and relate to – love, loss, longing, and living our best life despite all odds.

In a world that is ever ready to break us and downsize our every effort, this collection of poetry and prose shows the innate strength of one to rise above loss, break all hurdles and set new milestones, all of which can only come from a resolute will of “Because I Can”

Hanieh Khoshkhou opens her soul in Because I Can, a brilliant piece that is brutally honest, inspirational, cleverly funny, and body-positive packed together.

Hanieh declared that “I am not like the others. I am not average or weak. I am my mother’s daughter, powerful and resilient.”

She writes with a passion not only about love, longing, and loss but also about personal and professional challenges that we can all relate to – whether it is navigating workplaces or social circles as an immigrant woman of colour and someone who doesn’t fit into a particular box.

Because I Can is a thought-provoking book that the author has created based on her own lived experiences, challenges and lessons learned along the way.

Through it, readers will be able to see themselves in some of the lines and be reassured that they are not alone and that there is a world out there that people like them navigate every day and often silently

Because I Can is an exceptional and inspiring message in regards to feminism, racism, prejudice, sexism, and war. It speaks about love, yearning, endurance and living a complete life regardless of all odds.

Mind the gap

 Immigrants and women of colour get a new voice in publishing

Because I can is published by Peacock Press, a team of voracious readers, tireless writers and diligent editors determined to make a difference in the lives of everyone with a passion for well-written and well-designed books.

Shabana Ansari, Publisher and Editorial Director of Peacock said, “it is our mission to tell stories that often go unheard, and we are committed to providing multiple platforms to anyone who has ever felt marginalized or underrepresented, especially Women of Colour, Black and Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+ communities and those living with disabilities.

“Through the books we publish and the stories we tell, we are trying to fill the diversity gap in publishing while starting meaningful conversations around the need for more inclusive storytelling and spaces for creative people to meet and share their art and experiences.”

The next chapter

 Immigrants and women of colour get a new voice in publishing

Immigrants make up about 22% of the total Canadian population and Canada has one of world’ highest immigration. With a projection of over 400,000 new immigrants annually, the need for a stronger immigrant voice and representation will get far greater.



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